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For your situational awareness, it’s going to take "One Team, One Fight" for the Air Force to compete, deter, and win today and into the future. In this episode of the FYSA podcast, the 26th Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall outlines some of his priorities that he hopes will ensure an edge over near-peer competition.
Artificial Intelligence will be integral to the armed forces in the next fight, but what is it? In this episode of The Debrief, Capt. Michael Kanaan, Director of Operations at the U.S. Air Force Artificial Intelligence Accelerator at MIT and Andrew Kemendo, former Chief Technology Officer for Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, Detachment 12 or Kessel Run, are here to explain.
Under Secretary Jones preparing for pacing challenge, prioritizing potential.
Focused on strategic competition, Air Force Secretary Kendall confident “One Team, One Fight” will lead to success.
FYSA: Game On! For your situational awareness, esports is a whole lot more than fun and games. Through Air Force Gaming, Airmen now promote resilience through positive virtual connection, inclusion and teamwork, all on their favorite platforms. Join us in the quest to explore the innovative grassroots initiative, its members, and how they built a global community of gamers in less than a year.


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