FYSA: Agility Prime

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  • By Angel Orozco, Tech Sgt. Deana Heitzman & Staff Sgt. Timothy Dischinat
  • Airman Magazine

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FYSA: Agility Prime. For your situational awareness, flying cars are real and the Air Force is helping to rapidly get them in the air. Our guest, AFWERX Director Colonel Nathan Diller prefers to call these flying cars eVTOLs, or electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing vehicles. We’ll defer to his expertise. Plug in and join us for more insight on Agility Prime, the revolutionary initiative that partners the military with eVTOL industry leaders to accelerate the development of this amazing new technology.



- Agility Prime: The Third Revolution in Aerospace

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If there is a new way of doing mobility in the air, the Air Force must be in the middle of it. Through Agility Prime, an AFWERX initiative, the Air Force is partnering with industry experts to develop and certify eVTOL’s, or electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing aircraft. AFWERX Director Col. Nathan Diller and Blain Newton, Chief Operating Officer at Beta Technologies, discuss the partnership between military and commercial sectors and how the United States Air Force and the commercial market can benefit from this technology.


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