Airman Feature Articles

  • At Altitude: Col. Tucker Hamilton

    Col. Tucker "Cinco" Hamilton, 96th Operations Group commander at Eglin AFB and Air Force AI test and operations chief, discusses the current state of AI within the Air Force, ongoing research, development and testing and AI’s place in building the force of the future.

  • Forging a Foundation: Basic Military Training

    As educational concepts and technology improve, it’s vital that the Air Force keeps up with the status quo to maximize the learning capability of its Airmen and set them up for success once they reach their operational units. To that end, Robinson has directed AETC to adapt and transition to a

  • Recruiting a Path Forward

    Staff Sgt. Tori Glover, 319th Recruiting Squadron enlisted accessions active duty recruiter, talks on her experience as a recruiter and the challenges recruiters currently face.

  • At Altitude: Brig. Gen. Christopher Amrhein-AFRS

    Brig. Gen. Christopher Amrhein took over command of Air Force Recruiting Service in June of 2023 in the middle of the service's first recruiting shortfall in decades. Now he speaks to Airman magazine about changes needed to meet future recruiting goals.

  • Line of Effort: Mission Readiness

    The Air Force must recruit and retain the force we need to fly, fight, and win. Today’s Air Force answers our nation’s call with an experienced corps of full-time and part-time officers, enlisted Airmen, and civilians. We must transform those superb available forces into a force more fully capable

  • Line of Effort: Modernization

    The Air Force must accelerate the modernization of key systems with an emphasis on the Department of the Air Force’s Operational Imperatives.

  • Line of Effort: Taking Care of Our People

    Our Airmen and their families need—and the future of the Air Force depends upon—a culture and environment of excellence in which everyone can reach their full potential.

  • BLUE: Climate Action Plan

    Natural disasters are unpredictable and devastating. They take out power grids, leaving military bases vulnerable and unable to support and defend according to mission requirements.How is the Air Force addressing this? The Climate Action Plan – guidance from the Secretary of the Air Force that

  • Into the Future Skies: The Modernization Throughout the Pacific

    The Pacific Air Forces’ modernization efforts demonstrate its unwavering dedication to adapting, innovating and maintaining its edge in an ever-evolving world. These endeavors encompass not only the enhancement of physical infrastructure but also the embracement of green technologies and the