Future-proofing Installations

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Timothy Dischinat
  • Airman Magazine

In 2018, Hurricane Michael traveled through the Gulf of Mexico and decimated the infrastructure at Tyndall Air Force Base, and since the Air Force made the decision to rebuild, the base has consistently been referred to as the ‘Installation of the Future’. Civilians and Airmen of the Natural Disaster Recovery Division are responsible for fielding the technology that will make Tyndall and, potentially, other Air Force bases, more lethal, agile and resilient.

The Natural Disaster Recovery Division is working with AFWERX to foster relationships with small businesses on the cutting edge of innovative technology. Some of these technologies being tested at Tyndall Air Force Base have been procured through a process that allows for rapid prototyping and makes it easier to replicate a successful process or product at multiple military installations. 

In this video, officials with the Tyndall Program Management Office discuss the project's inception, goals, process, status and future.

VIDEO | 04:55 | Future-proofing Installations