Training Revolution

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Perry Aston
  • Airman Magazine

The Air Force Agency for Modeling and Simulation is the center of training innovation

After the Vietnam War, the Air Force shifted its training capabilities to large, air-to-air exercises such as Red Flag. However, the future of warfighting is rapidly changing, and training needs to keep pace with those changes. The Air Force Agency for Modeling and Simulation is the center of training innovation.

“Everything we are doing today is creating the realism necessary to fight the future fights and the expandability to incorporate the threats that will be coming versus dealing with yesterday’s fight,” said Col. Robert H. Epstein, AFAMS commander. Augmented and virtual reality gives Airmen the opportunity to train in various environments without physical limitations. Team Orlando, a partnership between military services and civilian organizations, is driving the progression of this simulation-based training.

The Air Force has challenged itself to harness the power of modern-day technology to maximize operational agility by 2035. To meet this challenge, training is shifting to constructive, operational and tactically relevant synthetic training environments to achieve full-spectrum readiness.