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  • Finely-Tuned, Hyper-Focused

    Air Force Special Operations Command has made significant changes to their deployment tempo that will allow Airmen to have designated time to build resiliency and work towards career and life goals. These changes should help them shift their focus from counter violent extremist missions to preparing

  • LT. GEN. Jim Slife and the AFSOC we need

    Lt. Gen. James Slife, commander of the Air Force Special Operations Command, discusses the challenges AFSOC is facing to shift from the counter violent extremist mission to great power competition against peer adversaries.

  • FYSA: Agility Prime

    FYSA: Agility Prime. For your situational awareness, flying cars are real and the Air Force is helping to rapidly get them in the air. Our guest, AFWERX Director Colonel Nathan Diller prefers to call these flying cars eVTOLs, or electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing vehicles. We’ll defer to his

  • FYSA: Game On!

    FYSA: Game On! For your situational awareness, esports is a whole lot more than fun and games. Through Air Force Gaming, Airmen now promote resilience through positive virtual connection, inclusion and teamwork, all on their favorite platforms. Join us in the quest to explore the innovative



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