Airman Feature Articles

  • Line of Effort: Mission Readiness

    The Air Force must recruit and retain the force we need to fly, fight, and win. Today’s Air Force answers our nation’s call with an experienced corps of full-time and part-time officers, enlisted Airmen, and civilians. We must transform those superb available forces into a force more fully capable

  • FYSA: Bridging the Science Gap

    For your situational awareness, science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills are critical to the Department of the Air Force’s need to accelerate change. Having a diverse set of voices working on solutions is also critical.

  • STEM Initiatives

    The Department of the Air Force’s need to accelerate technological development has been getting a great deal of attention, with leadership putting renewed focus on modernizing the Air and Space Forces.

  • Grant program promotes innovator culture for DAF scientists

    After a run of unsuccessful experiments, inventor Thomas Edison famously declared that he’d found hundreds of ways to not make a light bulb. An Air Force grant named after Edison and his fail-forward mindset allows Department of the Air Force scientists and engineers to design and execute their own