Airman Feature Articles

  • BLUE: The Call to Change

    In this edition of BLUE, we take a look at how the Air Force is changing to meet the challenge of Reoptimizing for Great Power Competition. From how the service is structured to how service members will be trained and deployed, we examine what’s driving change, and how it impacts people.

  • BLUE: Climate Action Plan

    Natural disasters are unpredictable and devastating. They take out power grids, leaving military bases vulnerable and unable to support and defend according to mission requirements.How is the Air Force addressing this? The Climate Action Plan – guidance from the Secretary of the Air Force that

  • Virtual Reality Reduces Fuel Emissions

    With the development and implementation of virtual reality, the U.S. Air Force integrates virtual reality training with live training. This lowers the cost of fuel, reduces risk, and helps lower the amount of fuel emissions on the environment.

  • Efficiency With Modern Materials

    New designs on the fan duct panel for the KC-135 Stratotanker address a water intrusion problem that causes delamination. This delamination causes sustainment, maintenance and energy efficiency problems. The modified panel fixes these issues utilizing modern materials. The fan-ducts are being

  • At Altitude: CMSAF JoAnne Bass

    Airman magazine interview with Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force JoAnne Bass covering her accomplishments, priorities and the need to increase the capabilities and resilience of Airmen for a potential future fight with peer adversaries.