Airman Feature Articles

  • The United States Air Force's Focus on AI Research and Development

    In the vast expanse of the digital frontier, where cutting-edge technology meets the demands of modern warfare, the United States Air Force stands at the forefront of innovation. Among its arsenal of advancements, artificial intelligence emerges as a pivotal force, shaping the future of aerial

  • The AI Test Force

    Recent developments have markedly increased the scope of AI, enhancing tasks as routine as paperwork processing and as complex as the advancement of kinetic warfare technologies. The Air Force Test Center is at the forefront of the Air Force's exploration into AI and autonomy and leverages its vast

  • At Altitude: Col. Tucker Hamilton

    Col. Tucker "Cinco" Hamilton, 96th Operations Group commander at Eglin AFB and Air Force AI test and operations chief, discusses the current state of AI within the Air Force, ongoing research, development and testing and AI’s place in building the force of the future.

  • Forging a Foundation: Basic Military Training

    As educational concepts and technology improve, it’s vital that the Air Force keeps up with the status quo to maximize the learning capability of its Airmen and set them up for success once they reach their operational units. To that end, Robinson has directed AETC to adapt and transition to a

  • At Altitude: Brig. Gen. Christopher Amrhein-AFRS

    Brig. Gen. Christopher Amrhein took over command of Air Force Recruiting Service in June of 2023 in the middle of the service's first recruiting shortfall in decades. Now he speaks to Airman magazine about changes needed to meet future recruiting goals.

  • Recruiting a Path Forward

    Staff Sgt. Tori Glover, 319th Recruiting Squadron enlisted accessions active duty recruiter, talks on her experience as a recruiter and the challenges recruiters currently face.

  • Into the Future Skies: The Modernization Throughout the Pacific

    The Pacific Air Forces’ modernization efforts demonstrate its unwavering dedication to adapting, innovating and maintaining its edge in an ever-evolving world. These endeavors encompass not only the enhancement of physical infrastructure but also the embracement of green technologies and the

  • Growing Tomorrow's Leaders Today

    In the face of constant environmental changes and geopolitical shifts, the Air Force Academy gracefully equips cadets with the knowledge and skills to effectively exploit topography and adapt to emerging challenges. Sustainability and resiliency principles are integrated to teach cadets about energy

  • Resilience: The glue of the forces

    If you want to understand how the Air Force instills resilience into every uniformed member, think back to your time at basic military training, basic cadet training, field training or officer training school. Through grit and determination, you overcame many challenges to become an Airman, and

  • Airframe: KC-10 Extender

    The KC-10 Extender is an advanced tanker and cargo aircraft combining aerial refueling capabilities with personnel and supply transport capabilities.