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  • Arctic Strategy Unveiled

    In his last public appearance in 1935, Billy Mitchell, a former U.S. Army brigadier general and airpower visionary, testified before Congress that Alaska was the most strategic place in the world. From there, he said, U.S. Army aircraft could reach any capital in the northern hemisphere within nine

  • PODCAST: Brig. Gen. Melancon

    In this At Altitude podcast, Brig. Gen. Patrice A. Melancon discussed the challenges of planning, funding and building a Base of the Future while still supporting daily mission requirements at Tyndall AFB.

  • The Future Is Now

    The Air Force has turned the destruction at Tyndall AFB, caused by Hurricane Michael in 2018, into an opportunity to take the Base of the Future concept off the drawing board and actually build one.

  • The A.I. Advantage

    The Air Force uses AI to improve every facet of the service and speed up decision-making processes at all levels

  • Everybody Looks Up

    In this video, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, a member of the Defense Innovation (Unit) Board, talks about how space exploration, and the development of technologies that make it possible, can inspire a new generation to seek careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

  • Red, White and Blast-Off

    The following is a reposting of an Airman magazine story and an episode of BLUE, which aired in 2017 on AFTV, about Air Force astronauts assigned to NASA. Additional information from NASA is added to mark the culmination of a nearly decade-long goal to once again launch American astronauts from U.S.

  • Answering the Call

    Lt Gen L. Scott Rice discussed the health and state of the Air National Guard, the development of 21st Century Guard Airmen and challenges faced by the Air National Guard

  • Developing Resiliency

    Maj. Gen. Patrick C. Higby discussed his mission and responsibilities and the roles of DevOps, cyber resiliency and diversity in increasing Air Force readiness and lethality

  • Last of the Raiders

    To commemorate the 78th anniversary of a legendary mission, the following is an updated repost of a story with retired Lt. Col. Richard “Dick” Cole, the last surviving member of the Doolittle Raiders originally published October 3, 2016 and before his death April 9, 2019, he was 103



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