Airman Feature Articles

  • The Debrief Podcast: Women's Initiative Team

    In this inaugural episode of Airman magazine's newest podcast, The Debrief, Staff Sgt. Janiqua Robinson and Staff Sgt. Sara Voigt speak with the leaders of the Women's Initiative Team which seeks to improve the attraction and retention of Airmen by collecting data from women across the force and

  • Women's Initiative Team: Taking initiative, breaking barriers

    Thousands of women across the Air Force provided feedback to the Women’s Initiative Team, playing a pivotal role in the first women’s hair policy change in 70 years. On February 19, 2021, U.S. Air Force senior leaders directed a second racial, gender and ethnic disparity review of racial, gender and

  • Valenzia: ABMS will deliver the "Decision Advantage"

    Brig. Gen. Jeffery D. Valenzia is director of Joint Force Integration and head of the cross-functional team responsible for establishing the manpower, resources, and doctrinal infrastructure for the Advanced Battle Management System program.

  • Disruptive Technology: The Quantum Frontier

    In the race to master and harness advanced technology, the Air Force is making strides in quantum research, bringing “Q-Day” to fruition sooner. Q-Day, or the day all Airmen will have access to quantum technology, is the ultimate goal for the Air Force Research Laboratory.

  • Virtual Agression - Real World Response

    As cyberwarfare increasingly becomes a go-to use of aggression, the idea that “what happens in cyber stays in cyber” has no credence. In a 2015 report on cyber deterrence, the Department of Defense made it clear that the United States could retaliate against a cyber-attack with a kinetic response.

  • 21ST Century Recruiting: Maj. Gen. Edward Thomas

    In this interview with Airman magazine, Maj. Gen. Edward Thomas discusses the need for, and benefits of, diversity within the force, the challenges of recruiting during a pandemic and the integration of recruiting across the Total Force ― from Air National Guard to ROTC and civilian to uniform

  • Preparing For A Storm

    Operation Desert Storm had important implications for the Air Force, with the tenet of air superiority taking on new meaning as the air campaign became the initial phase of the war. During this time, the U.S. developed a new strategic concept for the use of airpower that continues to influence air

  • Negative for COVID

    Nearly a year ago, in the midst of pandemic, a team led by the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, with the Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center and Air Mobility Command, partnered with more than a dozen other military and civilian organizations to respond to U.S. Transportation